Saturday, March 18, 2006

Free Advertising - Internet Marketing Forum

On a cheap budget? Check out CaptKirk's Internet Marketing Forum for free advertising methods like FFAs, safelists, classified, traffic exchanges, and other methods.

CaptKirk's Internet Marketing Forum

Free advertising isn't for everyone, as it generally takes more of a time commitment. Some people may tell you that certain free methods don't work, but you should test them out for yourself.

And people are more likely to respond if you give them something you know they're looking for. For example, FFA page posters are probably looking for more free ways to post their link. Safelist users are probably looking for more safelists. I think you get the idea.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Rapid List Building Program Right Here

I upgraded at TheListMachine to Emerald status! Now just from the upgrade I can mail 750 random TheListMachine members twice a week! Plus there's no top sponsor ad.

If you want to build a list, check out TheListMachine. When you reach certain referral levels, you get added prospects to mail to. And your referrals can also generate leads for you, as there is a forward matrix. The reverse matrix helps you out too. If there was only a forward matrix, it would favor people at the top at the expense of people at the bottom.

Join TheListMachine

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Free Ad Depot Contest

Free Ad Depot (or FAD) is having a Winter Romp recruiting contest. The first place prize is a staggering 100,000 credits! That's over 1200 in mailings! There is still time to get in on this contest as the current leader is at about half way to 500 signups. The contest ends when someone locks in 500 signups. There are prizes for top 20 and I'm currently number 23 on the leaderboard. If you're thinking it's hard to get referrals, keep in mind this is a free program (with options to upgrade).

If you haven't heard of Free Ad Depot, it's a place where you can join for free and start advertising whatever you want. You get your own featured link, classy style ad, and can email your downline when you have enough credits.

If you're a pro member, you can email to a random list whose size is dependent on the number of credits you use. You also double your advertising exposure.

Plus Free Ad Depot can make you money as well. If you look at the Free Ad Depot main page, you'll see images on the left hand side. These are programs to join that are recommended by the owners of FAD (some are free, some aren't). But when you become a member, then your affiliate page will contain your affiliate links to those recommended programs.

And you can make money through commissions you get from members in your downline. Since FAD has a rotator for pro members, you may also make commissions just for the work that the owners do!

Join Free Ad Depot

Monday, March 13, 2006

Get 2 Opt-in Lists from 1 Site

In a rush? Hurry and get your opt-in email leads:

But... if you have a few minutes, then
keep reading...

I personally got tired of trying to earn money
through other people on the internet. I hated
having to rely on others for my income. That is
why I was so excited when I heard about
The List Machine.

This system was designed to not only allow me
to build my own opt-in list through my own promotion,
but also through the promotion of others in the List
Machine system.
Not only did I get access to my own leads, but I
also have access to leads from The List Machine
opt-in lead matrix!

I have believed for a while now that the money
is really in the list, but up until a few days ago
never put much effort into actually building a list
of my own. But, when a trusted friend and associate
recommended The List Machine to me, I felt like I
should at least try it out. I can't tell you how
happy I am that I did!

Here's what sold me on The List Machine:

1. It's free to join

2. I wanted a huge list of opt-in leads of my own

3. I needed to start earning more money

Honestly, this system practically runs itself. You have
to let others know about the system, but really that's
all you need to do.

Want to see for yourself what I'm so excited about?

Derick Yung

After you sign up, make sure to tell your friends about
the system (this will send your list building efforts
into hyper-drive)!