Thursday, June 07, 2007

How To Build Your Mailing List With BR

You've probably heard that you need to build your list to
make the serious money on the net. One way to do that is
through Build Referrals, which lets you earn commissions and
build your list.

Build Referrals lets you mail to your downline 5 levels deep.
Isn't that awesome? So, the key to building a list with
Build Referrals is to build your downline.

Refer enough people to Build Referrals, and your 1st level
members will recruit 2nd level members, your 2nd level
members will recruit 3rd level members, and so on. It's a
numbers game.

You want to be leveraging the efforts of others to help you
build your list. It's faster than building your list by
yourself, right?

You can also use money to gain more signups into BR. As an
upgraded member, you affiliate page will be promoted through
the efforts of Jane Mark and Phil Basten.

So, if you want to build your list fast, upgrade in BR with
the one-time offer and promote it like crazy!

Another cool feature of Build Referrals is that is
promotes three other money making programs for you (all you
have to do is enter your ID's, and signup for those programs
if you haven't already!).

Monday, June 04, 2007

Apprentices Wanted in US and Canada

Apprentices Wanted in US and Canada

* Must have the desire to succeed
* Must have the willingness to learn
* Must be ready to take action now

Apprentices need apply here:

Only the serious need apply!

Have a Great Day!

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