Thursday, October 19, 2006

PayItForward4Profits vs McDonald's

I believe anyone can experience results with PayItForward4Profits, as long as they can read and follow a success guide and continually learn.

I started with PayItForward4Profits near the beginning of September and currently have 80+ members. It's not amazingly high or amazingly low, but it's steady and has given me signups in GDI, Traffic Oasis, Success University, Traffic Swarm, and my primary by simply promoting one system.

PayItForward4Profits is like owning a McDonald's franchise. The burger is GDI - it's what attracts your customer to buy with its low entry point. The fries are Traffic Oasis - people almost always get fries with their burger. The ketchup is like Traffic Swarm - it's free to take but adds to your meal. The hot apple pie is like Success University - it is very nice to have and keeps you warm. The drink is like your primary program - it provides the greatest source of profits and is essential for McDonald's customers.

Get started franchising with PayItForward4Profits!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Don't get caught in the Downline Trap!

You work hard to get a few referrals for some of your
programs, but unless you give your downline a proven tool to
recruit new members themselves you'll get caught in the
downline trap, where you'll never see the exponential growth
at the lower levels of the downline tables.

Join ProfitRally today and start building a wide and deep
downline in a number of traffic exchange programs and a list
of "best of breed" income generating programs.

To make recruiting even easier we give you some great free
marketing tools every online marketer needs.

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Isn't it time to stop getting caught in the downline trap?