Monday, July 10, 2006

*Just Launched* Free Advertising With a Twist


Have you seen free advertising like this?

*Just Launched!*


Phil Basten of JPE Advertising is amazing.

He just finished a brand new targeted advertising
site that will knock your shoes off.

You gotta see this.

It's Target Ads Depot

It's TAD, for short.

It has it all...

* Free Advertising for your targeted text ad
* Banner Ads, Exit Pops
* Commissions, commissions and more commissions
* Your ad rotates on a huge network of sites
and on JV partner sites
* Your ad stays in the number 1 position on your
affiliate link.
* A mailer to contact your downlines or
the entire database
* We advertise for all members

And here's the twist...

When you join you will see a one time offer
to become a Pro Life Time Member of TAD.

When you become a pro member of TAD, you can
put your clickbank ID in the members area and
it will automatically appear on your affiliate
homepage. When anyone purchases a
clickbank product from your site, you get the

Got it?

Your clickbank ID will appear in literally
thousands of Clickbank Mall products automatically
and anytime someone buys one of those products,
through your TAD affiliate site, YOU profit.

But it gets even better. If a free member
signups under you, your ClickBank ID appears
on their page as well, until they upgrade to
a pro membership. Your ClickBank ID could
appear on 100's of pages.

Take a look at the front page of TAD

Even if someone lands on the site and does
not sign up for TAD, but goes directly to
the Clickbank Mall site because they see
something that interests them, you get the
commission if they buy any item from the
Clickbank Mall.

You must be a Pro Member of TAD to take
avantage of this income stream which can
put thousands of dollars in your pocket .

Be sure to take a look at Jane's video
in the upper right hand corner of the
main site. It explains many of the
key aspects of TAD

Join free today but...

If you want the full benefits of TAD, take
advantage of the one time offer. You will
see this after you fill in your information
and you can save a lot of money.

If you decide to upgrade later, It will
cost you extra and you won't get the special

If your ads are not on Target, you are
missing the mark.

Derick Yung

PS: Craig Haywood, made 5 clickbank sales
without advertising a thing and Jane made
one for 47.12 for something called SUBMSSG
without doing a thing. Neither of these
members adverised these products anywhere
else. Members really love this feature.