Friday, January 13, 2006

16 Things To Check Before Joining Someone Else's "Pay Per Sale" Affiliate Program

Some affiliate programs just don't work. Before you get into an affiliate program, it would help if you research the program to see if it's a good choice. Make sure you know all of the relevant details for the program and ask questions if you're wondering about certain aspects.

By Rojo Sunsen

1. Does the affiliate program offer you a free way to join
without buying the product or service?

2. Contact other affiliates already in the program to see if
they have had any problems.

3. Is the product or service related to your target audience?

4. Can they notify you by e-mail when a sale is made?

5. Do they offer backend products so you can get repeat sales
from the same person?

6. How often will you receive a commission check?

7. Do you get credited for a sale if people come back in month
and then make a purchase.

8. Can you get around-the-clock help online or offline?

9. Do you get a large percentage of each sale as commission?

10. Do they provide you with proven sales material? (links,
banners, classified ads, sales letters etc)

11. Will they give you the leeway to create promotional ads.

12. Do they offer you access to an online sales stats page?

13. Do they use a reputable system to track your sales?

14. Does the affiliate program pay commission for sales of
people who sign up under you?

15. Can they offer customers a lot of different ordering
options, so in return you won't lose sales.

16. Will they keep in contact with you on a regular basis by

About the author:

Rojo Sunsen is a specialized bounty hunter who prefers to work quietly/confidentially for the benefit of her clients.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Adsense Tips From WebmasterWorld

This post from WebmasterWorld lets users share their Google Adsense tips. Some of the Adsense tips include:
- use the heat map provided by Google as it's reliable
- experiment, test, test, and keep testing, and not just over one day
- invest in content ie. keep creating pages with original, quality content that serve the user
- use channels to track what's going on
- use Adsense Adlinks because they can provide a significant boost
- promote your site and aim for targeted traffic
- mix things up
- don't be afraid to try new ideas that may seem wacky to you
- blend ads into content
- read the Adsense terms and conditions so you don't end up on the wrong side of the fence
- show your highest CTR ads first
- don't give up on Adsense search

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Free Co-op Advertising Network

I joined the Digital Point Ad Network to help one of my sites gain links and more traffic. After getting links from the ad network, I saw my rankings improve in both MSN and Yahoo. Certain keywords started getting in the top 10 or moving up.

If you are in this ad network or want to join, I would suggest you create more than one entry for your site. That way, your links and descriptions will be more varied and natural.

Digital Point Co-op Advertising Network

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Butterfly Marketing - Leaked Chapter

The Butterfly Marketing project by Mike Filsailme looks to be very promising and exciting. Butterfly Marketing is basically the understanding that small changes can have a big impact on your business, whether good or bad. Mike's letting you have a confidential leaked chapter of his ebook free. By reading a portion of his ebook, you can get a feel for what kind of information you'll get from this Butterfly Marketing project. Check out his pre-launch blog for the leaked chapter and more information. He also has a contest going on where you could win a package!

Butterfly Marketing

Monday, January 09, 2006

Search Engine Positioning Articles

Search engines can bring in a considerable amount of traffic. All you have to do is rank well. Take a look at some search engine positioning articles from Sumantra Roy, a respected search engine positioning specialist. Articles include choosing keywords, creating keyword-rich pages, improving link popularity, and a couple articles on the Open Directory.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

StormClix & StormPay - Make Some Money Online

StormClix is a program offered by StormPay, a payment processor. Basically, you get paid to click on ads. The payment can be transferred directly to your StormPay account (minimum $1.00 to transfer). Maybe I should click more - I haven't reached $1.00 yet.

They say that clicking on StormClix ads can give you anywhere between $0.01 and $5.00 per click. So far, I have only seen ads giving out $0.01 and $0.02 per click. I haven't been checking that much but higher paying ads would probably be used up super fast. If you're feeling bored and feel the need to browse ads, give StormClix a try.

Now, instead of making money through clicking on ads, you could buy ads with StormClix. I haven't tried it out. But if advertisers are buying ads, they can't all be wrong, right? Make sense?

Aside from StormClix, you can also make money with the affiliate program for StormPay. I believe you must have a large downline to make significant sums with this program. Why? Because they pay a 2.5% commission of their profits. So unless your downline spends a lot through StormPay, I don't think you'd get that much. However, if you continually promote it along with other programs, you could build up some income over time.