Thursday, February 22, 2007

Time Management Tools for Those Earning Extra Income At Home

Working at home to earn some extra income is a blessing for most, but for
some it can become a nightmare in very little time. While it may seem odd
that you need to incorporate time management tools in your effort to make
ends meet by simply working from a location where you are already – your
home – it is imperative that you remember that structured time will be by
far more productive than simply working as the mood hits you. Similarly, if
you are not on the top of your game with simple time management devices, you
might quite possibly find yourself at the end of the day with precious
little to show for the deadlines you need to meet the next morning. Miss a
few deadlines, and the odds are that you will lose that wonderful business
opportunity that allows you to earn extra income while working at home.

Time management tools are greatly varied, depending on your needs. Thus, it
is quite possible to create a plan that works for you individually as well
as for the task you will be performing. To this end, quite possibly the most
important technique that will help you to remain focused while earning the
extra income is to set an objective for each day that you have work to do at
home. Define your goal for the, identify which projects need to be completed
and how you need to pace yourself to see them through to completion. The
easiest way to achieve this is simply by breaking down your project into its
varied components, assigning time values to them and then meeting these
deadlines one at a time. The small sense of accomplishment you will feel
when you achieve one or more of the deadlines will go a long ways to
ensuring that you do not suffer from burnout or other frustrations which
will take the joy out of earning extra income.

One of the most overlooked time management tools for those working earning
income is the schedule and calendar. It is not enough to simply block out a
period time that you will use to work, but you will need to augment this
block with reminders, as well as frequent breaks; after all, earning extra
income simply means that you have another source of income and working two
jobs may be more than you bargained for when you took on this opportunity.
Adding frequent breaks to your schedule is a good idea. This also permits
you to interact with friends and family who will not mind the extra income
you are earning as long as it does not interfere with your ability to also
spend time with them. In the long run, this form of scheduling will benefit
you as much as it benefits them.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Understanding the Pitfalls for Affiliate Marketing

While work at home moms are often the favorite target for Internet scammers, website owners are a close second. You own a website and are possibly paying a bit of money to keep the site running. Do you not wish you could make some money with the website you work so hard to maintain? Imagine how wonderful it would be if you could turn your hobby into a real business that would not only pay for itself, but even offer you a few extras that could be put to good use for the kids, or your family. To a webmaster, affiliate marketing is almost always the answer to this dilemma. In and of itself, affiliate marketing is a wonderful opportunity share in the profits of a reputable company by displaying their links and banners, and allowing interested parties to visit those sites and perhaps purchase a product. When they do so, the company will often offer you a small percentage of the sale as a finder’s fee.

Yet there is a bit of a seedy underbelly to the affiliate marketing industry that will actually jeopardize your good name as a webmaster and will also result in payouts that are pennies on the dollar. For example, have you ever been surfing the web only to suddenly stumble across a website that touts an amazing nutritional supplement that does it all? Weight loss for the overweight, hair growth for the bald, an increased sexual stamina for those lacking it and a host of other items are cured or corrected with a pill after breakfast, lunch and dinner. These miracle cures are touted on the website via a long list of testimonials, and you can almost always recognize the feel of these sites simply by the long list of text they sport, the varying fonts employed, and also the different colors these words are written in. you may simply shrug your shoulders at such a site until – about halfway down – you see a copy of a commission check the webmaster has posted and suddenly he or she has your undivided attention. The check is small enough to be realistic yet big enough to have you consider what you could to with the money and how it could ease the tension at home from lack of disposable income.

When you are hooked, the spiel usually involves a site owner who is so successful that he or she has decided to take on two or three qualified novices and train them to do the business as well. This involves selling the miracle product to your friends and neighbors and then just sitting back and waiting for the money to roll in. Additionally, you will need to post banners on your website. What has just happened, in a nutshell, is an affiliate scam that ties your success directly into a multi-level marketing scheme. While your links will attract more interested parties to the originator’s website, you are meanwhile alienating your friends and families by the legal drugs you are peddling. This is not what affiliate marketing is all about, and it is important that you understand the implications of your putting links or banners of any business on your website.

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