Saturday, November 25, 2006

How to Choose the Best Internet Affiliate Programs!

By Gk Awadhiya

Are you having trouble deciding on Choosing the Best Internet Affiliate Programs? There are lots to choose from a vast number of Internet affiliate programs and you are really confused.

If you're just starting out and looking to make money online - one of the very worst ways to do this is to start wasting your time and money without knowing about products to promote.

Almost all the people who are new to affiliate programs waste their valuable time and money by starting out like that.

First of all think about what you are trying to do and put together a plan to achieve it.

Though it is a good idea that you're trying to take action, but if you have not done any research into any of the markets that would mean you would not stand any chance of making money.

In short if you don’t investigate a market and find out what the people want, you will never have idea what type of product is suitable to put as their ideal product in front of them.

Before choosing an affiliate program, always have an idea why the merchants created the product the way they did and how to access the people that they created it for as without knowing these things you will not be able to make any substantial income.

Keeping all these points in mind, in a short period you'll recognize that now you do know about the potential market, which product to choose how to make money with it.

It is, therefore, my request to you please don't jump into an unwisely decision and aimlessly choose a product. Always go for a product based on your own knowledge so that you can make money selling it.

Some Tips:

Do research on market.
Make proper plans before choosing affiliate programs.
Choose a product that you're interested with.
Look for popularity and gravity ranks of the selected product.
Only go for affiliate programs that you like and find how it will work for you.
Find out what people want and what problems they have.
Give them their ideal product and a solution to their problems at a price they can afford.

GK Awadhiya is a freelaunce writer. Please visit his web site:

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Instant Buzz Update - 213 Members

Quick Instant Buzz update - I need 37 more referrals to reach the coveted Leviathan ranking of 250+ members! At the Leviathan level, you earn a generous .3 credits for the surfing habits of everyone in your Leviathan infinity stream. How good is that?

The majority of my Instant Buzz referrals came from emailing FFA leads - people who post their links to FFA pages and agree to receive a confirmation email in return. If you want to get referrals in Instant Buzz but don't know where to get started, the action plan is a good guide to go through.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Promote The Best Internet Affiliate Programs

You won't believe it, but this site PayItForward4Profits promotes some of the best internet affiliate programs for you. If you're a part of programs like GDI, Traffic Oasis, Traffic Swarm, and Success University, you won't have to individually promote them at all with this system.

This system helps you build an income both in the short term and long term. The short term income helps you fund your advertising and get in profits quickly. The long term income helps you build your fortune. The main source of the long term income will be the primary program you promote with PayItForward4Profits. The primary program can be any internet affiliate program or network marketing company you are involved with.

The training in PayItForward4Profits is superb. They have regular live training calls and recorded training calls you can listen to at any time. They have a supportive member chat forum where you can browse for answers to post your own questions. Usually, when you post a question, you'll get a response within a matter of hours or a day at most since there are so many members.

When you join, you'll be presented with a back office that clearly shows you what steps you should take to maximize your potential with PayItForward4Profits. The links to the steps are shown in big red buttons so that you can't miss them. Step 3 contains an advanced Internet marketing success guide that will put you on the path to success, if you learn and apply it. The key though, is that you must follow it. Most people who are enrolling like crazy in PayItForward4Profits seeing their downlines duplicate are following the advanced Internet marketing success guide.

When you follow the fast traffic school steps and the success guide, you'll get members joining you in PayItForward4Profits. Your members will see your referral links to the internet affiliate programs that make up the system. Some members will join you in your programs, and some won't. That's just how it works. But if you keep getting members, you will get upgrades and start earning with your internet affiliate programs.

Currently, my biggest money making affiliate program that is part of the system if Traffic Oasis. The compensation plan for Traffic Oasis is excellent and they provide you with exclusive leads every month, which you can import to an autoresponder of your choice. PayItForward4Profits provides a pre-written autoresponder which you can copy.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How To Make Money Online

Making money online used to be easier. With fewer websites, it was easier for people to find you. This is not true any longer. Still, some people do well online. What are the secrets of online money makers?

The secrets of online money makers are mostly common sense. If you want to make money online, do something you love. Then realize that this is going to take time and effort.

Many people are looking for quick riches or easy wealth. The secret of online money makers is that they are prepared to work hard. They choose something they love so that they stay motivated. Online money makers learn everything they can about promoting their particular form of making money. They don't expect immediate wealth. They work on their business daily and continue to learn as they grow.

Promotion is a critical secret of online money makers. Promotion helps customers find them. Sometimes the rules of search engines change, and online money makers keep up with these changes. It's what they do for a living.

Good customer service is another essential secret of online money makers. You want customers who will come back and customers who will tell others about you. It's no longer just word of mouth when a business serves somebody well. Now that customer might tell some friends in an email, who will tell other friends, and work can get around pretty fast. They can also post their reviews at various websites, which can gain you more customers.

The secrets of online money makers are not any different than making money any other way. It's about doing what you love, working hard, learning to promote, and serving the customer well. If you can do that, you can make money online.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

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Monday, November 20, 2006

The Truth About Earning A Residual Income In An Affiliate Program

There is sometimes confusion about what exactly an affiliate program is and
how a person can actually earn a residual income through one. Sometimes
people get confused because they are bombarded with ads telling them they
can make large amounts of cash through an affiliate program. This is often
confused by other ads saying that any program offering an unlimited income
is a scam. Both are extremes. Affiliate programs are found almost
everywhere a person looks. Even large companies are getting into affiliate
programs. It is very important that a person learns the truth about earning
a residual income in an affiliate program before they write it off as a

Affiliate programs have two basic functions. The first is to sell a product
for a commission. Companies set up affiliate programs so they can get their
product marketed by their affiliates. This is not only free marketing for
the company, but also allows the affiliates to make a residual income. The
company usually gives the affiliate a website where they send customers.
The website is coded with the affiliates ID so that every sale made on that
website is credited to them and they earn a commission off them. All the
affiliate has to do is market their website. The second function of an
affiliate program is to build the program by recruiting new affiliates.
Besides selling products, the website also gives people the chance to become
an affiliate themselves. When people sign up on an affiliates website the
affiliate then gets a commission on anything that affiliate sells. This
continue as each affiliate signs up more affiliates. It is a win-win
situation for everyone involved. The company is getting an amazing amount
of free advertising. All they had to do was set up and monitor the
affiliate program. The affiliates do the rest. Many major companies are
seeing the value of affiliate programs and are implementing their own

One of the most confusing things about affiliate programs is that many are
advertised by saying a person can make large amounts of money. While it is
true that an affiliate who sells a lot of products and builds a team of
affiliates under them who also sell and recruit good can make a large amount
of money, it is not that simple. First of all, setting up a stable and
strong team is difficult. There are so many people looking to make a quick
dollar that half the people who sign up for these programs never even carry
through and end up quitting. If that happens with every recruit then a
person can not really make a lot. The commissions on the product sales are
usually rather low and a person needs the team members in order to be making
a good commission. So, it is possible to make a good income, but it will
take some time to do it.

Another things about affiliate programs that scares people is its close
resemblance to a pyramid scheme. Anyone who has been interested in working
at home or building a business has surely heard of a pyramid scheme. A
pyramid scheme does involve recruiting people to sign up and making money
off recruits, but the main difference, and the reason affiliate programs
succeed where pyramid schemes fail, is that affiliate programs have an
actual product to sell. If a program has a product to sell that is useful
and something people would buy then they are an affiliate program not a
pyramid scheme.

Affiliate programs offer a great way to build residual income. A person can
be quite successful with an affiliate program if they work hard. They are
not a scam and are a true way to earn some money.


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Sunday, November 19, 2006

How to Increase Your Adsense Revenue

Keep in mind the two essential factors that determine your Adsense revenue: number of clicks and value of your clicks.

By Tim Ong

If you're a webmaster, you've probably heard about Google's Adsense. Perhaps you're even earning from it already. This article will show you a method to increase your Adsense revenue dramatically.

Google's Adsense allows webmasters to place links from Google's Adwords advertisers on their webpages by inserting a special code. When a visitor clicked on a link, the webmaster gets a cut of the profit Google made from the advertiser. The unique feature about Adsense is that the links it generates on your webpage are relevant to your page content. Thus, your keywords and topics become very important determinant for the type of links that will appear on your webpage.

There are only two factors that determine how much a webmaster can make from Adsense. The first factor is the number of visitors who click on the links. The more people who clicked on the links, the more you make. Naturally, this means that the more targetted traffic to the website, the more you'll make. This is where most webmasters focus their efforts on.

The second factor is the value of the links they clicked on. Here's where you can make a great difference to your earnings from Adsense and is our focus in this article.

Let's take a look at how this works:

Suppose you have 1000 visitors to your website and you get 2% conversion, that is 20 people clicked on your Adsense links. Let's assume that your Adsense links pay you only 50 cents per click. So you earn $10 dollars.

Now let's see how much this same traffic will make for you if your Adsense links pay you $5 per click. For the same number of clicks, you make $100 dollars. That's a ten-fold increased in revenue!

Well, that makes sense, you said, but how am going to determine what type of links appear on my webpages?

Good questions!

Here's where you'll need to do a little research and here's a tool to help you do just that.

Go over to and you'll get a tool that shows you how much each keyword is worth. While this tool is for Overture's keywords, we can safely assume that this reflects the keyword values for Googles Adwords as well. Once you've found the keywords with high monetary values, you can optimize your webpages for them. This will increase your chances of having these high value keyword links appearing on your webpages.

Some people have actually made extensive researches on Google's top paying keywords and found that one or two keywords are worth almost $100! However, generally most keywords are valued at between 50 cents and $5 dollars. Some keywords like "internet marketing" may fetch up to $7 dollars and "mortgage" pays up to $10 dollars.

These values may change from time to time but they generally hover around these levels. Naturally, this information is priceless and you'll have to pay to get it. I feel it is worth every cent you paid for it. You can check it out at

And there you have it! A single factor that can radically increase your Adsense revenue!

Tim Ong is the author of "The Book of Transformation" and the "Build From Within" ezine. You can find more personal transformational and success articles at his website at The Self Improvement Site

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