Saturday, October 14, 2006

Got Your Highly Searched Keyword Phrase?

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How does it work?

Let's say your site is about business marketing and you want more search engine exposure. If you go on the site, you can see all the keywords listed in the lefthand side. Simply find a relevant keyword and click on it. If it's available, it will lead to an order form. Otherwise, it will lead to someone's site, since they have already acquired that particular keyword. But don't despair! There are plenty of keywords, and you can suggest your own highly searched keyword phrase as well!

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Success University Is Now Letting You Join For Only $2!

You read correctly! For only $2, you can now get started with Success University. What's even better (we think) is that this nominal processing fee will be donated to a non-profit organization providing humanitarian support world-wide.

You can enroll today and will be allowed to plug into Matt's Step-By-Step marketing system that can earn you thousands of dollars a month - all you need to do is submit a $2 fee!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tracking Traffic

One of the essential rules for home business Internet marketing, and for marketing of any business, is to know if the product or means you are using to market is working or not. It’s amazing the number of entrepreneurs that spend time and money on home business Internet marketing and don’t track it. By tracking we mean that they don’t keep track of how and why people inquire about or buy their products and services. They don’t know if the ad that they ran in the paper is the reason someone called for their technical help, or if the speech that they delivered at last week’s Chamber of Commerce luncheon might have lured that new customer.

Home business Internet marketing is successful only if the money and time spent on the effort to bring in new customers and new revenues does not exceed the profit made from that expense. A crucial part of determining Return on Investment (ROI) is knowing what Internet marketing tool works for your home business – and what does not.

Buying a home business Internet marketing analytic tool that can help track results makes good business sense for several other reasons, one of which is to determine what users and potential customers like about your Web site and what they don’t. Home business Internet marketing analysis software can tell you which pages were visited most frequently and the common exit and entry pages.

Exit pages are important, because if the page that a large number of consumers are exiting from is not the order confirmation page than that tells you that something about that page is driving users away from your site. Knowing where you go wrong so you can correct it is a crucial piece of Internet marketing information for your home business. Knowing the entry page gives you an idea of which of your home business Internet marketing tactics and resources worked.

Most Internet monitoring tools let you know which browsers and operating systems your site’s users have. You can find out, for instance, how many have Macs, how many have Windows based systems, how many use Internet Explorer and how many use Netscape. You’ll be able to see if consumers are also trying to navigate to “404” pages – those that no longer exist. These broken links must be fixed quickly or the message to these users is that your home business is not efficient and you’ll have lost that marketing opportunity.

With these monitoring tools installed for your site you can also keep track of your conversions (consumer visit that results in a sale) and determine the source of the visit as well as the path on your site that that buyer took to complete the sale.

Nor are home business Internet marketing and tracking tools costly. Some of the best software and services are priced at a low $20 a month.


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Monday, October 09, 2006

TrafficOasis's Revolutionary Compensation Plan

Would you like a sneak preview of TrafficOasis's revolutionary
compensation plan? I thought so!

Here it is in a nutshell:

The comp plan is based on five income phases. It's actually quite
simple, and you'll get used to it very quickly as soon as you start
working the plan...

But it is NEW to all of us at this point. When you try to compare it
with plans you already know, it may seem more complex than it is! (-;

Let me explain this absolute BREAKTHROUGH system of

1. On every TrafficOasis Member you personally enroll, you'll get
a $20 enroller's bonus.

2. On every TrafficOasis member you personally enroll, you'll get
between $10.00 and $19.50 MONTHLY residual income! (Will it
be closer to $10.00 or $19.50? It depends on where a particular
enrollee is in the matrix AND what your position is! But TRUST ME,
it won't take long to reach $19.50!)

3. On every TrafficOasis Member your DOWNLINE enrolls in the
matrices, you'll earn $10.00. This is a very powerful system, as with
a bit of momentum it really rakes in quick cash! To qualify for $10.00
per enrollment from your downline, you'll need to personally enroll at
least three members. After enrolling three members, you are

(This system works better than a binary. I mean, look at a binary:
Most pay $50 per cycle: 2 sales left, 4 sales right, totalling 6. Here,
it does not matter where the sales are, which generates more income:
$10 per sale!)

4. On every member in your matrices, you earn between $1.00 and
$5.00 in extra residual monthly income. The deeper the matrix, the
bigger the amount. This matrix is a 3x5, which means: 1 - 3 - 9 - 27 -
81 - 243 (and after it has been filled, you cycle in a new one at the
next available spot under your sponsor! This leaves no gaps!)

The $5.00 is on level 5, yielding 243 x $5 per matrix, and so on.
The $4.00 is on level 4, producing 81 x $4 in monthly residual income.

Stripped to its bare essentials, this will generate $1526.25 monthly
income per matrix, WHICH MEANS IN PRACTICE $4.25 per
member of your downline! Keep in mind that this is just a part of
the plan, and it's just 1 matrix and many have RE-ENTRIES.

There are THREE POWERLINES which pay up to $4.50 in
INFINITY. A staggering $4.50, my dear friend! That says enough
for people who know powerline payments. This is a very profitable
plan indeed.

In addition, it pays up to $60 per sold lead package to someone
you've enrolled personally! And TrafficOasis pays up to $10 on
downline sales!

This lead matrix alone produces FULL-TIME INCOMES!

Now what can YOU make with this plan? Well, I know that some
will go way over $10,000 per month. And with a bit of luck or laser-
focus dedication, some will triple that to earn $30,000 per month.
TrafficOasis certainly has the potential for that level of compensation-
that's GUARANTEED. It depends on how we all market it. If we
enroll strong leadership, it will happen!

I know of people earning more than $5000 per month with a plan
that pays not even 25% of this plan, and it only runs 4.5 months!
That's a FACT!

All the details are explained on my site, which is now open for viewing.
Check it out for yourself! This overview will awaken the true hitter.
This plan is balanced and it pays quickly, and it also has plenty of
endurance for the long term. This is MLM at its best: it generates
income for the newbies and it pays a lot to the people who are serious.
That's EXACTLY how a plan should be. Don't you agree?

If you want to find out more about this revolutionary plan, you'll need
to act immediately. The longer you put it off, the less you'll earn!

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This business is truly something else. It is perfectly positioned to become
the professional's choice. Make sure you're on top of it!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Instant Buzz - Less than 50 to go for Leviathan!

I'm getting closer to Leviathan status (250 personally referred members) in Instant Buzz! I've reached just over 205 now, so I have less than 50 to go.

If you want free traffic that requires very little effort, get Instant Buzz. It installs in a flash. Once you setup your ads, just surf as you normally would and gain credits.

One method that has helped me gain Instant Buzz members is by advertising a splash page in Traffic Swarm. I've changed it to a lead capture page to be able to capture emails and be able to help out Instant Buzz users.

If you want more TrafficSwarm referrals, you could advertise it in Instant Buzz. This way, you could potentially create a viral marketing scheme as each program grows bigger and bigger from cross-referrals.

Another method I used to get Instant Buzz referrals was through FFA leads. I believe they are a good target since they are generally looking for free advertising. Think of why they posted to an FFA page - to get a free link advertisement.

Make Money Online With Affiliate Programs

By Derick Yung

You've probably heard of affiliate programs. Companies use affiliate pograms to sell their products. The most common way for making money online with affiliate programs is through posting a link on your website. When a customer clicks on that link and buys the product, you earn a commission.

There are many advantages to making money online with affiliate programs. Startup costs are minimal. The only money you spend is to promote the product, whether through a website or other means. You don't actually sell the product, so you don't spend time shipping the products or money to buy them at wholesale prices, hoping to sell them later. Another advantage is that you don't have to worry about unsatisfied customers returning the product to you.

A good way to start making money online with affiliate programs is to find a subject you are interested in and start a website. After the website is up, find companies that sell this product and register to be an affiliate. They will give you some code to paste in your website. You can use text codes or pictures, but text code seems to be the most effective for converting to sales.

Look at websites in your area of interest. For example, if you are interested in music, look at sites devoted to your favorite musicians. Study them to see how they place ads. Notice your responses to those ads. Some are annoying, but others will make you want to click through. Learn from this and place ads similar to those that interested you.

Starting a website devoted to something you love is rewarding. If you need some extra money, making money online with affiliate programs can be a useful addition to something you already enjoy.

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opportunities so you can work at home visit: