Saturday, June 23, 2007

33% of my signups took the OTO!

I started promoting this crazy new List Bandit Friday night.
So far, 33% of my signups have taken the OTO! Within 30 hours
of joining List Bandit, I've already earned $194 in
commissions through my efforts! Get started with List Bandit:

After getting a few emails about this, I checked out List
Bandit. When I saw the site was created by Gary Ambrose,
I joined immediately. He created YLL and TLM, two highly
successful list builders. I joined those two a while ago and
skipped out on the one-time offers. Knowing what I know now,
I would have taken the one-time offers :).

With List Bandit, I took the one-time offer to take full
advantage of the powerful list building system that Gary Ambrose
has created. What's so powerful? Join for free and find out:

If you really want to boost your list building efforts, promote List
Bandit heavily within the first 72 hours after you join. There are
fast-action bonuses you can get that will last the entire lifetime
of your membership!

Friday, June 22, 2007

You're about to hit the List-Building Jackpot

Have you heard that 1 subscriber equates to $1 in
monthly income for you?

That’s right, for every subscriber on your list you
should be averaging $1 in monthly income.

So, that means if you have 1000 subscribers you could
be generating $1000 in monthly income, all from your

Sending emails and getting money sure beats slaving
away at some 9-5, underpaid and overworked, if you
ask me.

But… take it a step further… what if you could get
2500 subscribers... or 5000 subscribers... or even 10,000
or more?

You guessed it ...

Then you could be generating $2500, $5000, or even
$10,000 or more per month, every single month.

All just for pushing one measly little “send” button.

Sound like something you can handle?

Sure it does… who wouldn’t want that?

But first you have to build that list. And just
how do you do that?

Well, if you had asked me that question a month
ago I would have told you to prepare for months of
hard work, dedication, and hundreds or thousands

That was then.

This is now.

Today, I’d suggest grabbing a free account at List
Bandit, the one resource with the tools potent
enough to quickly and easily build that list for you.

This brand new program is attracting people by
the thousands because its developer, Gary Ambrose,
is one of the most recognized email experts in
the business.

And now he’s handing you the tools to build your
list, easily and automatically.

All you need to do is register now, for free, at
and let the program handle the heavy lifting.

Don’t delay. The sooner you sign on, the sooner
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Here’s To Your New List,
Derick Yung

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Search Is Over

I've spent months searching for a primary business, and I've
finally found one! It did take a little longer than
expected, but I wanted to make sure I made the right
decision :)

When deciding, I looked at various factors like company
stability, product uniqueness, compensation, and whether the
company is paying it forward.

To see what business I'm building, you'll want to visit the
9 dollar solution system. I'm excited by the power and
simplicity of the system. You have to see this for

I believe this system works for anyone who takes the time to
work it.

Get this... a billionaire, who previously took two
businesses to #1 in their industry, bought this company.
That in itself speaks volumes.