Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How Many Times A Day Do You Login to AdSense?

If you login to Adsense too much, you may be leaving money out on the table. If a lot of your time is spent checking Adsense stats, you could be using that time instead to improve your Adsense stats - by creating more content, optimizing pages, etc.

How Many Times A Day Do You Login to AdSense?
By Michael Cheney

I’ve heard of webmasters, who are using Google’s AdSense program to generate revenue from there website, who log in every single hour of each day. It probably won’t surprise you that there are webmasters using AdSense who are actually addicted to logging in and checking their statistics.

I think the reason that people log in to view their AdSense stats so often is because, to many people, it’s like free money. All you need to do with the AdSense program is take a small piece of code, paste it into your website and instantly relevant ads start appearing. Using Google’s contextual targeting software, the ads are directly matched to the content on your page. For lots of webmasters this has helped them to monetize their website for the first time.

So how often do you log in to AdSense? You need to be careful that you’re not wasting too much of your time just checking how much you are making. It can be a simple trap to fall into, to check your statistics to see how many clicks, how many page impressions and how many dollars you’ve made. The danger is that you’re wasting too much valuable time checking this rather than actually building your potential to earn more money.

At most, you should really only check your AdSense stats once or twice a day. Google has now developed a new option that enables you to do this without being logged in to AdSense. You can set up an option that will email you your AdSense statistics once a day.

You can also set it so that different recipients can receive certain reports. This is a great way to access your Google AdSense statistics remotely without the risk of using an unsecured internet connection. If you’re surfing from an internet cafĂ© while on some holiday, for example, you could have your AdSense statistics emailed to you. You could then access your internet email account to view your statistics.

At the moment, Google only sends these reports once a day. They may, in the future, start to send them more often for those Google AdSense addicts who need to view them every single hour. But rather than viewing your AdSense stats too often, why not focus on getting more AdSense revenue in the first place.

It’s a great strategy to do one thing every single day that will earn you more AdSense revenue. If you write down on your calendar or in your diary that you need to do one thing each day that will earn you more AdSense profit, you will start to see a big increase over time.

You can do things like add more content, do some keyword research or buy a piece of software that tracks all your AdSense earnings and the keywords which people find you with. You could also do more search engine optimization to get more traffic into your pages.

Whatever you do, don’t log in to AdSense too often. Spend more time building a great site full of excellent content.

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